the very best timing

Sup! This blog post is coming to you from a lady with a fever wavering between 101 and 102, after a lovely day of throwing up and crying. Hopefully this week I'll have some more answers after my cardiology appointment. On Thursday I'll have a recommendation from my doctors about what I can do work-wise. I've come to some sort of weird acceptance of the worst case scenario.

I'm working half days at work until I get the verdict from my doctor on Thursday. I went to sleep last night thinking, "alright, this week I am going to give it my all. I am going to work hard each day and be fully present. I am going to listen to my body when I need a rest and I am going to be a total rockstar about that."

I woke up this morning and immediately threw up. I thought, "okay, that was weird. Probably anxiety, I'm good." I got ready for work, threw up a few more times, and then went to work. I lasted approximately 45 minutes at work before I decided to call it and go home.

Upon arriving home I spent the day thinking, "okay, this probably is more of a stomach bug than anxiety." The day was pretty much, drink water -> throw up -> cry -> go to sleep -> wake up really thirsty, and on and on until Jonny got home with a thermometer and I learned that this is probably your typical 24-48 hour stomach bug.

As Jonny put it, this is comedically bad timing. And yet another thing that is completely out of my control. I'm 90% sure that this is completely unrelated to the unexplained fainting stuff. It's just a random stomach bug that came at a really bad time.

When I did a 4th and 5th step about all of this sick/work stuff the other day, I found that I tend to overvalue myself at work. So I've been praying to be put to my right-size. And my Higher Power is like, okay dude, here you go.

I keep thinking, "okay HP, I get it, are we cool now?" And my HP is like, "eh, I don't think you really get it, here's the flu."

There's nothing I can do. I just have to let life keep going and I have to let work stuff unfold and I have to be cool with whatever happens. Or get cool with whatever happens. And that sucks and I don't want to be cool with it, but I really don't have much of another option.

I read a book about leadership recently that said sometimes the way to our goals is not a straight shot. Sometimes we think we know the way, and then that way doesn't work out and we get to our goals another way. And sometimes along that new way, we find that our goals have changed and things are better than they ever would have been if they had worked out the way we thought they were supposed to.

I'm in that shitty spot right now where I'm resisting change, refusing to let a new path happen, convinced that I know what is best. I wrote this whole blog post and didn't throw up once, so I'm pretty sure I'm cured and everything is cool now.