not figuring things out

Last week was a difficult week, and I didn't write at all. I barely wrote in my journal. I couldn't bring myself to it for some reason. Writer's block by boredom, I guess. Really, it wasn't that boring because I was in so much distress the whole time. In an attempt to see whether or not I have epilepsy, we tried to induce a seizure. I did not like the process at all.

The wonderful thing that came out of all of it was how loved I really feel. So many people came to visit me. They went out of their way, paid for parking, went through the maze of the hospital, so that they could come sit in my room and be there for me as I expressed my discontent. I laughed and cried and felt truly grateful. I usually have a wonderful feeling of gratitude in my bones all the time. I didn't have that last week, so my Higher Power brought it to me in the eyes of the people who care about me. (Thanks y'all, I would have bailed on day three if it weren't for your love).

After 7 days in my hospital room, I was discharged. It was found that I probably do not have epilepsy. 7 days, and that's all we know. I'm glad we ruled it out, but I'm discouraged that my time did not reveal any more results. Next up, cardiologist.

I'm trying to be okay right now. I'm trying to accept the present moment and the not-knowing. However, fear is running the show right now and I'm having a hard time getting out of this sinkhole.

My higher power, I keep telling myself, is going to teach me something through all of this. I keep thinking, "dude, what are you trying to teach me, and why are you trying to teach it to me like this?" Of course it is possible that I am so stubborn, my HP had to get me to stop moving to teach me something, and this was the only way it knew how. That's the only rationale I can think of. Or else I don't have a higher power, and AA isn't real. I know that's not true, so I have no option but to trust. Not a bad option to have. I'm trying.

I worked a 4th and 5th step with a friend yesterday and it was really revealing. It revealed that I have a lot of anger. Underneath that anger is my fear of not being good enough, my fear of how people will see me, and my fear that I will eventually go completely unacknowledged as time goes on and the world keeps spinning.

I resent myself for calling attention to all of this. I resent myself for making a simple statement one day - "hey, I keep fainting. Is that weird?"

I went to a meeting last night and shared about all of this. Honestly, there were a lot of newcomers in the room so I wasn't completely candid. I definitely expressed my fear, but I made it all sound much more hopeful than I actually feel. So, I didn't feel better. After the meeting, Jonny and I connected with a friend we hadn't seen in a while and that was nice. That sort of made me feel better.

I read steps 6 through 8 in the twelve and twelve over and over again until I could fall asleep. I didn't stay asleep long. It's 2:15 am. I was super hungry, so I got cheesecake from UberEats. I am going to go back to bed until I need to wake up to go back to work.