guest appearance poem

Jonny wrote this song and I begged him to let me share it with all of you. It's beautiful. The song is beautiful, and I can't post that (yet?), but the words make a beautiful poem. So, here it is:

I was raised up,

Believing in,


Greater than me,

But I didn't believe,

What I couldn't see,

So I chose me.

Then I saw the ocean,

I saw the trees,

I saw the sky up high,

And I saw me,

So I chose the ocean,

I chose the trees,

I chose the sky up high,

And it showed me.

That I'm just a man,

On a spinning ball of things,

I can walk any way,

But my troubles follow me,

So I take a breath,

I feel the leaves,

I taste the water,

And the water's clean.

So I forget me,

I forget my troubles,

I forget my need to know,

And I remember curiosity,

Like I was a child,

Before I knew the world,

Might swallow me whole,

And spit out my bones.

So I grasp at air,

I hold it tight,

I put aside the things I know,

And I take flight.