My Higher Power

I wrote this recently in my step work and it is something I'd like to leave here for easy finding later. Question: What is my understanding of a power greater than myself today?


I like that this question focuses on today because my understanding is always changing and expanding. Today is December 29th.

Today, my Higher Power is loving, caring, and greater than myself. My Higher Power does not have any set plan for how my life is supposed to go. My higher power only wants me to do the next right thing, but doesn't judge or get upset when I don't.

My Higher Power is the ties that bind us together. My Higher Power is the force that made it possible for me to breathe oxygen created by the plants. My Higher Power is love. My higher power is the glue that connects every single living thing together. My Higher Power created me, and you, and everyone and every single thing, out of stardust (but not on purpose).

When I act in accordance to my Higher Power's will, I feel how connected I am to all things. My Higher Power is basically the big bang, and the force that created everything that followed. My Higher Power is energy. My Higher Power is gravity.

My Higher Power does not control when I get depressed. My Higher Power is the hope that keeps me holding on.

My Higher Power did not stop me from killing myself, but was glad when it didn't work, because my Higher Power is life.