Happy Birthday To Me

My Birthday was recently and it was nice. I get very excited for my Birthday, and the actual day usually doesn't live up to that excitement. So, I like to celebrate my Birthday all week by giving each day significance. The week was great, and the actual day was better than I expected. Maybe I should make everyday important and fun, but that takes too much energy. I am full of gratitude. Throughout the next year I hope to continue moving forward with things- emotionally and life-goal wise. The beginning of the school year has been stressful. I was expressing that I was feeling really anxious. Someone suggested I replace the word "anxiety" with "fear" and talk about what I am afraid of. After some more talking, I remembered that I am smart. It completely changed my outlook of going to class and doing assignments and has made me more productive and confident in my future and such.

I have some comics coming your way soon.

ps- shout out to the institution that helped me save my life. I got to go to a reunion/party last weekend and it helped me remember how cool my life is now. I used to navigate life from one suicide plan to the next, from one high/blacked-out morning to the next- I don't have to do that anymore. I am not a super "zen" person, but I am much calmer now because do not constantly feel the desire to drive off an over-pass. Who woulda' thought.